Website Optimization

We assess your websites objectives and intended audience.

  • Simulating prospective customers and customers, we interact with it.
  • Assessing numerous critical site components, we identify your websites strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • We create a detailed report showing where the site falls short of best practice and providing, jargon-free and actionable, site optimization recommendations.
  • You implement the changes and watch your results improve.

The report is a benchmark for future success and prioritized plan of action. You’ll learn:

  • What changes to make
  • Why you need to make them
  • How to make them
  • When to make them
  • And Whose help you need*

Internal perspectives don’t offer an unobstructed view of your websites effectiveness. And most external perspectives, and third party assessments, are limited to particular aspects of your site code, download speed, links, etc. Davis Industries website evaluations give you an independent assessment of all aspects of your website and show you how to make it more effective.

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(*Davis Industries website optimization service operates independently of our own web design and development services.)