Business Voice Services


Choose the Right Number for Your Business.

Pick your choice of a professional 800 number for instant Fortune 500 credibility, get that next door neighbor feel with a local virtual number in your area code, or search by keyword to find the perfect vanity toll free number for your business. Already have a number you want to see about using with us? Transfer it on over for free.

Make a Great First Impression on Every Call.

Your CloudNumber automated attendant answers all of your calls with your custom greeting and makes you look like a pro by helping the caller easily get routed to you or the right person on your team. If you’re not around to answer, catch the opportunity by taking a message in the cloud that you can check from anywhere or get notified by email or text so that you can return the call without delay.

Manage Everything Online to Stay Mobile.

Running a business today often requires not being tied down to one place for too long. We get that, and we put you in control of your virtual phone number wherever you happen to be. Whether you need to check your messages, change a recording, switch up where your calls land, or dig into some call reports, your service is easily managed online, anytime, anywhere.

Enjoy Over-the-Top Quality & Reliability.

We’ve spared no expense on building multiple data centers with top-tier high availability equipment and service redundancy failovers that are downright overkill. What does this mean for you? You get peace of mind knowing your 800 number or local number is backed by enterprise-grade architecture, giving you pristine call clarity and uptime ten times that of competing services.

Work with People Who Give Their All.

Talk to us and talk to a competitor, and the difference is apparent – or so our customers tell us. We’ve watched phone support become an afterthought in our industry and we’re not having any of that here. Our Customer Care is a 100% inhouse, dedicated team of experienced and friendly professionals. We pledge to treat you with the courtesy and respect you deserve and to help you get the most out of your service.

Dream It Up Big, and We’ll Build It.

In our experience, no two businesses are exactly alike and often a business owner will come to us with some crazy, harebrained scheme for what they want their 800 number to do. And we’ll say, “Ok – sure thing.” We’ve built our platform from the ground up, giving us unmatched flexibility in tailoring a solution to meet your needs. Give us a shot – we have a long history of exceeding expectation.

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