Helpful VoIP Tips

ip-telephony-ch Just because other companies are using a VoIP system does not always make it the right choice for you.  Here are 6 helpful tips when considering a VOIP system as your technology solution:

  1. Don’t always take financial shortcuts—Buying used goods might always seem like a cost-efficient choice, but maintenance and upgrades may be more tedious and expensive in the future. Find good deals without sacrificing your company’s efficiency.
  2.  Shop around for vendors—Find the best deal on the services you need by researching various qualified vendors. Attempt to contact other businesses that have used this provider for their own services and inquire about their experience and any positive or negative feedback. Ask each vendor about their service support options and find a company that can reach your needs.
  3.  Understand how your system works—Read up on all of the phone system’s features and capabilities and make sure the vendor you are working with can walk you through the installation process and have him show you how to properly run programs. Document important information and passwords during this process.
  4.  Instruct your employees—You’ll need to properly train your staff on the new system and make sure everyone understands the new features and processes to make for a smooth transition.
  5.  Emergency calls—Since a Voice over IP phone cannot transmit 911 calls, speak with your service provider about other options. Calling 911 is difficult with a VoIP system because your location is tracked through your IP address. Oftentimes, you won’t be where your IP address says you are and emergency officials might be sent to the wrong location. Look into Enhanced 911 (E911) services, which give the emergency dispatcher your name, address and contact number.

VoIP phone system often have less upfront cost, but will require a little more work from you to fully understand how they work. Make sure you have good partner providing their technical expertise and guidance.

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