Customer Online Payments

PayPal is one of the most respected online payment services on the Internet. They use SSL technology to ensure that your transactions with them are encrypted and secure and their privacy policy states they will not sell your email address or out side email marketers. Another words, your safe.

Why Should I Do Online Payments to You? This is the fastest and easist way to fullfill your payment obligations to us. Once your complete your transaction, we will be notified, and your account with us will automatically update with your complete transaction. If you insist, you can still send us a payment via check, but your account will not be marked paid, until the check clear from our bank account. This can take from three to seven days (Bank rules not ours).

Do you keep my bank or credit card information? The simple answer is NO. You don’t have to be concerned that someone else has your personal and private financial information. We don’t store your information on Davis Industries computers. This informations is kept between you and PayPal.

Okay. You convinced me. Where do I pay?