Who We Are

Our Focus

We are an IT consulting firm specializing in services such as voice, consulting, project management, integration, maintenance, system architecture and programming.

Our project managers, functional consultants, technical leads and programmers are world class experts. They will manage your project requirements in the most professional manner. We add values to teams, projects, business processes and ultimately to the bottom-line of our clients.

Davis Industries strives to be the market leader by creating a focused hub of enterprise ready talent with extensive experience and leading edge skills. Drawing on a vast pool of top talent., Davis Industries ensures that our clients are offered resources with a sharp skill set that are made available to meet their needs and goals at affordable cost.


Business Voice Services


  • * Forward Calls to Any Phone
  • * Get Your Messages by Email
  • * Get Your Messages by Text
  • * Online Call Reports
  • * Port In Numbers Easily transfer toll free numbers or local numbers.
  • * Unlimited Line Capacity Never hear a busy signal with your toll free number.
  • * Call Screening Choose to answer, send to voicemail, transfer, or hang up.
  • * Call Announce Hear a custom recording when answering a forwarded call.
  • * Check Messages by Phone Call in to your service from anywhere to check messages.
  • * Visual Call Reports Review reports online to see call patterns and caller info.
Basic Website Design


  • * Single Page Design
  • * Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • * Portfolio Section
  • * Accessible, Standards - Compliant & Cross-Browser Compatible Websites
  • * Open-Source, Cost-Effective, and Forward-Scalable Solutions
  • * Contact Us Section
  • * Package Section
  • * About Us Section
  • * Website construction and redesign
  • * Testimonials Section

Davis Industries as an Internet Innovator

Davis Industries is an industry innovator, incubating a portfolio of emerging e- businesses. Practicing what we preach, we've developed, grown, and maintained several sites that showcase Davis Industries' various solutions, including:

  • Soul-Patrol.com

    The largest privately owned black music website on the Internet

  • Soul-Patrol.net

    Online/Downloadable music (RealAudio format)

  • AD & Dee Designs

    An online catalog of Masonic, Greek and Christian Paraphernalia.

  • mbbanyc.org

    Metropolitan Black Bar Association (MBBA), is a unified citywide association of African-American and other minority lawyers.

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